Written with Asande Vilane.


No amount of belief makes something a fact

— James Randi; James Randi Educational Foundation

This is not the first time this question has been asked.

It’s not the last. Previously, this question was asked with:

- Artemisinin (Madagascar / Eastern Cape)

- Redemsevir (Trump)

- Chloroquine (Trump)

- Hydroxychloroquine

- Covid-19 neutralizing antibodies / convalescent plasma

No proven treatment has been found against Covid-19 despite current cutting-edge medical research. Many old drugs (such as these above) are being repurposed in trials.

Ivermectin was first identified in late 1970’s. It was first approved for animal…

Written in conjunction with Asande Vilane

It’s a fact that the English alphabet has twenty six letters. It is a fact that there are three primary colours (red, yellow and blue). It is a fact that western music has 7 notes.

Any spoken word, poem, written speech and novel is written of the twenty six letters. Any colour in art at the Sistene Chapel by Michael Angelo is made of the primary colours. Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti is made of the same 7 notes.

Figure 1: Some of the metabolic pathways and their interconnectedness in a typical cell (ref 31).

The human body has 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions per second (refer fig 1). The…

Written in conjunction with Asande Vilane.


A complex interplay exists between under-nutrition, obesity, metaflammation, mineral and trace element deficiencies, plus genetic and environmental factors. This results in a PROINFLAMMATORY CYTOKINE STATE. This is further aggravated by TRIAGING of nutrients

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and RNS produced during COVID — 19. Generation of these ROS / RNS can be both beneficial and detrimental for many cellular functions ROS/ RNS can, in turn, enhance viral replication leading to amplification loop. Another important parameter for viral replication and pathogeniccity is the nutritional status of the host.

By reducing the oxidative damage from…

Written in conjunction with: Asande Vilane

Coronaviruses were first described in poultry in the 1930’s, causing respiratory, gut, liver and neurological diseases in animals. 7 Coronaviruses are known to cause disease in humans: 4 most frequently cause symptoms of the common cold, with the remaining 3 causing severe and sometimes fatal respiratory failure in humans. These have caused major outbreaks of deadly pneumonia in the 21st century:

  1. SARS-CoV-2 is the cause of the COVID-19 disease which began in Wuhan, China in late 2019.
  2. MERS-CoV is a betacoronavirus that caused for the 2012 MERS outbreak. …

Dr S.H. Vilane

BSc (UNISWA), MBChB (UCT), DCH and FCP (SA). Paediatrician and marathonner.

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